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Fluke Industrial Multimeter Service Combo Kit 87V/IMSK
Fluke Industrial Multimeter Service Combo Kit 87V/IMSK
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Fluke Industrial Multimeter Service Combo Kit 87V/IMSK

This combo kit is built around the Fluke 87V, the most widely used industrial digital multimeter in the world, combined with the i400 AC current clamp. Together they provide the resolution and accuracy to efficiently troubleshoot any electrical system. The kit includes special accessories to make you even more productive on the job and will save over 15% compared with the individually priced items. Plus, you'll be working with the most trusted tools in the world.

Fluke-87V Multimeter has true-rms accuracy and advanced functionality to give you the results you need

  • True-rms accuracy with manual and automatic ranging, Display Hold, Auto Hold, and Min/Max-Average recording
  • Efficiently troubleshoot motor drives, plant automation, power distribution, and electromechanical equipment even in loud, high-energy, and high-altitude locations
  • A low pass filter supports accurate frequency measurements on VFDs and captures intermittents as fast 250 µS
  • Lifetime warranty, backed by a brand you trust.

Fluke-i400 AC 400A Current Clamp turns the 87V into a clamp meter

  • The current clamp provides accurate current measurements up to 400 A ac without breaking electric circuits
  • Allows taking measurements safely with industry standard safety ratings

Select accessories like temperature probe, test leads and alligator clips

  • The 80BK-A DMM Temperature Probe plugs into the 87V’s voltage jacks and allows temperature measurements from -40 °C to 260 °C (-40 °F to 500 °F)
  • TL75 Test Leads and AC175 Alligator Clips complete this versatile kit.

Key safety features

  • Safety rated CAT III 1000 V, CAT IV 600 V meter to get you home safely from the job.
  • Designed to withstand spikes of more than 8000 V. Audible Input Alert warning against wrong use of input jacks.


  • Fluke 87V Industrial Multimeter
  • Fluke i400 400 A AC Current Clamp
  • 80BK-A DMM Temperature Probe
  • TL75 Hard Point Test Lead Set
  • AC175 Threaded Alligator Clip Set
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